5 space-saving holiday decorations

It's that time of year! Everyone is getting cozy and breaking out the holiday decorations. No matter what you celebrate, we can all agree that storing - and keeping track of - all that décor can be cumbersome. If you're looking to save space or just try something new, check out these 5 Christmas decorations that save space!

1. tree on the wall

So easy yet such a statement! Give life to a blank wall with a wall tree. Two thin wood planks, some nails, garland and lights are all you need!

2. small trees

Don't have a big space for a big tree? Think small! Decorate with small trees throughout your place to make it feel like a winter forest without giving up half your living room for one tree.

3. reversible decor

This is SO SMART! Why get multiple signs when you can just make it double-sided? You can make both spring/summer ones and fall/winter ones.

4. wall prints

It's easy, cheap, and makes an impact! Switch these out seasonally or put other wall decor up when you're not in holiday mode.

5. snowflakes in the hallway

It will really feel like a winter wonderland with these snowflakes "falling" down! Have some fun with the family to create these paper creations.